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Whether it is an emergency that impacts an individual or a community wide disaster, being prepared is the key to minimizing the effects and speeding the recovery process.  The Office of Emergency Management wants you to be aware of the hazards that threaten our community and provide you with the knowledge to respond appropriately when disaster is imminent. 

The City of Amarillo, Potter County, and Randall County participate in an interjurisdictional emergency management program to ensure the readiness of our community to respond to all hazards that exist in the Texas Panhandle.  However, individual and family preparedness is a critical element of any emergency management program… the best community plan will be minimized if the individual or family is not prepared.

National Preparedness Month – How to Practice for an Emergency

Register and practice your preparedness action on or around the National PrepareAthon! Day-September 30th, 2014 by visiting: http://www.ready.gov/prepare.  Sign up for to receive alerts on your cell phone by going to http://www.ready.gov/alerts.  Learn about evacuating yourself and your family http://www.ready.gov/evacuating-yourself-and-your-family.


National Preparedness Month – How to Build an Emergency Supply Kit

This week families and/or individuals should start working on a basic emergency supply kit or have supplies you need in case of an emergency. This could also be where you create a “go-kit” or a kit that you take with you if you have to leave your home quickly.  Find information here http://www.ready.gov/kit and here for kids http://www.ready.gov/kids/build-a-kit!

Military couple load their emergency kit.Emergency kit cutaways

Know How to Plan for Specific Needs Before a Disaster

Week two of National Preparedness Month will cover how to plan for needs before a disaster strikes!  There are specific resources for kids, colleges, tribal audiences, businesses, first responders, persons with disabilities or functional needs, and families that have pets or animals.  See the links below for more information!

Senior couple at desk making emergency plan.