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  • Amarillo Outdoor Warning Sirens

    May 2013
    Did you know that there are 91 outdoor warning sirens around the Amarillo/Potter/Randall area?  As we enter severe weather season, we want to make sure you know when these would be activated.  The sirens are designed to alert people who are OUTDOORS and not designed to be heard indoors.  In the event of a tornado, they will be activated by the Office of Emergency Management on a steady tone for 5 MINUTES.  When sounded, immediately move to shelter and listen to local radio or TV stations for emergency warning information.  We do test the system the last Friday of every month at 11:30AM, weather permitting, for 90 seconds.  Amarillo has a lot of different types of sirens purchased back from the 1950s/60s and was the site for the first FS508 siren installation in the nation now located near Belmar School.  Check out our sirens and how they sound on this page:  http://oem.amarillo.gov/?page_id=1110