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  • Amarillo/Potter/Randall Tornado Saferoom/Shelter/Basement Registration

    July 2013
    Did you know that the Amarillo/Potter/Randall Office of Emergency Management maintains a Storm Shelter Registry for Amarillo/Potter/Randall residents?  Information provided will be used by first responders in the event your home or neighborhood are affected by a tornado or other disaster.  Please contact our office at (806) 378-3004 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00 pm to register your storm cellar, basement, or other tornado shelter.  Information you will need to provide will include the owner’s name, location of the shelter, owner telephone contact number(s), and a brief description of the shelter type and specific location. This information will be maintained by Emergency Management personnel and used only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or other related incidents.  Your storm shelter information will not be shared or distributed for any reason other than to aid our emergency responders.