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  • October – Fire Safety

    October 2013
    So what do windy weather, colder weather, and October have in common?  Time to look over your fire safety plans!  Fire Prevention Week is this week (Oct 6-12th) and this year the focus is on encouraging the public to prevent kitchen fires. The kitchen is the leading area of origin for home fires and most kitchen fires are caused by cooking. On average, there are roughly 3,000 reported kitchen fires per day in the United States.

    Although cooking remains the top cause of residential fires, space heaters come in a close second.  As temperatures drop, the number of residential fires increase as people are turning on heaters for the first time for the season.  That’s not all.  Drying vegetation and windier conditions in the Texas Panhandle this time of year also lead to more grassfires.

    So how should you prepare?

    • Do you have a working smoke alarm?  Do you need a smoke alarm?  Click on this link to see how our Amarillo Fire Department can help you out … http://fire.amarillo.gov/index.php?page_id=201
    • Live out in Potter/Randall counties?  Want to know what to do to mitigate your home from the upcoming wildfire season?  Call Potter County Fire at (806) 383-3373 (Non-Emergency) or Randall County Fire at (806) 358-9959 (Non-Emergency) for a site assessment or more information or download the Wildfire Prevention Brochure here.
    • Review your home escape plan with all members of you family should a fire break out
    • Space heaters need space. Keep items at least three feet away from each heater – in front, behind, above, and below.  Space heaters require a large amount of electricity. When using a space heater, do not plug anything else into the same outlet.  Never leave space heaters unattended. Turn them off and unplug them when leaving the home or when going to bed at night.