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  • Special Community Event Planning

    All special community events should consider developing contingency plans for emergency situations that could arise. This is especially important for large-scale special community events with generally more than 10,000 participants or that involve potentially hazardous activities. The Office of Emergency Management reviews all special community event applications and if deemed appropriate may require coordination by event organizers with public safety agencies. If you have any questions please call 378-3004.

    Fill out & submit the special events online application

    Incident Action Planning is required for events in excess of 30,000 using the state guidelines. All others will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and addressed based on level of preceived threat and risk.



    Lightning Safety – Outdoor Activities: Minimize the risk of being struck. Most lightning deaths and injuries occur in the summer when organized outdoor sports or other large activities take place.  Event organizers should have a written plan in place so that all staff are aware of the situation and are ready to stop activities at the first roar of thunder. Click here to learn how to plan for Lightning Safety