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  • Indoor Warning

    A key to saving lives is the ability to provide adequate and timely warning. Individuals need to insure they have the means to receive emergency warnings, know what to do for protective measures and respond accordingly. Emergency Management Officials in Amarillo/Potter/Randall have several different means of public warning at their disposal and will activate applicable warning systems when necessary. Since the best source of emergency information is local radio and television stations, you should turn on battery powered radios or televisions when warning systems are activated. NOAA All-Hazards Radio – The Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) All-Hazards Radio broadcasts warnings, watches, forecasts, and other emergency information for ALL hazards and disasters that require immediate notification. The radio operates on 162.550 MHz and is re-broadcasted in the local Amarillo area on 1610 AM.

    More information on All-Hazard Radios can be found here. Once you purchase your radio, program in the SAME code for the counties you would like to receive emergency information. Below are the SAME Codes for our two counties:

    • Potter County: 048375
    • Randall County: 048381
    • Pantex EPZ Code: 048901

    Need another county? Click HERE to find SAME codes for other Texas Counties.

    NOAA All-Hazards Radio for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: http://www.weather.gov/nwr/special_need.htm

    Emergency Alert System (EAS) – EAS sends out alerts to broadcast media, cable television, radio stations, satellites, pagers, Direct Broadcast Satellite, High Definition Television, Video Dial Tone, and to devices for the needs of special populations such as the deaf and those with special language requirements. The EAS will be activated when immediate public notification is needed due to threatening weather, technological or radiation emergencies, chemical spills, explosions, fires, or any other disaster.

    Cable Television Cut-In – When necessary, the Office of Emergency Management can interrupt programming on most channels of the cable network in order to provide viewers information about an emergency event.