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  • Extreme Temperatures


    Extreme weather conditions can be dangerous to people and pets.  Temperatures that hover 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature and last for several weeks are considered “extreme heat” or a heat wave.  Doing too much on a hot day, spending too much time in the sun or staying too long in an overheated place can cause heat-related illnesses.  You can get through these times through some preparation and right know-how.


    • Protect windows – if you hang shades, drapes, sheets, or awnings on windows you can reduce heat from entering homes by as much as 80%.
    • Conserve power – during heat waves there are usually power shortages since everyonE is trying to cool off, so stay indoors as much as possible.
    • Conserve water.
    • If you don’t have air conditioning, try to stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine and use electric fans to help keep yourself cool.
    • Never leave children or pets in vehicles on warm or hot days.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Use. sunscreen – apply it at least 20 minutes before going out especially around the face and neck areas.