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    A group of dedicated volunteers comprise the Amarillo Emergency Service (AES) organization. These individuals assist law enforcement agencies in traffic direction, crowd control, public functions, and storm and fire spotting.

    The History of the
    Amarillo Emergency Service (AES)

    In 1956 a group known as the Amarillo Emergency Corps was chartered under the Greater Amarillo Chapter of the American Red Cross. It’s mission was that of a first aid oriented group, primarily to serve in natural disasters to assist in emergency medical services in the field and in hospitals.

    In 1959, due to financial problems, the Amarillo Emergency Corps changed sponsors to the Randall County Emergency Corps. While still serving disaster and emergency functions the group became involved in law enforcement. This trend continued until a lack of emergency services was encountered and the unit was replaced by a sheriff’s reserve. Problems developed in the remaining organization and it was temporarily disbanded.

    On June 12, 1961 Dr. James L. Johnson called a select group of the remaining organization together to form a medical rescue based organization. The Emergency Medical Service Corps was chartered by the Amarillo/Potter County Civil defense. Considerable time was spent in training before this group was even made known to the public. At this time vehicle identification started being used.

    This group was well received by other agencies in the area as well as the general public. In 1964 the name Amarillo Emergency Service was adopted. Duties were expanded to include assisting law enforcement agencies in non-police activities such as traffic direction, crowd control, emergency lighting, rescue missions, and public functions. An auxiliary to Amarillo Emergency Service was created in January 2000. due to a need for more storm spotters in the field before potential severe weather events.

    AES has been recognized by the Pentagon, the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab, and many public safety and civic organizations for their valuable service to area public safety responders and civic organizations.