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  • Grass Fires

    Grassfires are usually caused by careless actions or by lightning.  The most common causes of grassfires are cigarettes, campfires, or children playing with matches or lighters.  Red Flag Warnings are issued when temperatures, humidity, and winds that contribute to extreme fire weather conditions are occurring or forecasted to occur.

    A few things to keep in mind in order to prevent and reduce the number of major fires during this period of heightened concern:

    • Don’t toss cigarettes out car windows
    • Use caution when lighting open barbecue grills
    • Refreain from yard work on dry, hot days when a spark from a lawnmower hitting a rock could ignite a grassfire
    • Keep a watch out for arsonists and others being careless with fire
    • Report any smoke or fire immediately to 9-1-1

    If a grassfire is threatening your home and IF you have time:

    • Secure your home – close windows, vents, and all doors
    • Wet vegetation within 15 feet of your home.
    • Prepare to evacuate immediately.

    February 27, 2011 Fires

    Extremely critical fire weather conditions were observed on 2/27/11. The Amarillo/Potter/Randall Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated at 9AM and resources and personnel were ready to respond to any fire reported that day. A total of 4 large grassfires were reported that day in Potter/Randall counties with additional fires in 7 other counties in the Texas Panhandle. Potter/Randall county fires included:

    • The Canadian River Fire
    • Willow Creek Complex Fire
    • Canyon Country Club Fire
    • Lake Tanglewood South Fire (Timbercreek, Lake Tanglewood, and Palisades)

    To see the damage totals for the two bigger fires – click here

    The video below shows some images of the fires and the damage assessment following the fires. In extreme conditions such as these, fires can race at speeds of 2 football fields per minute. Make sure you and your family are prepared. Evacuation warnings will be relayed to citizens via the NOAA All-Hazards Radio, local media, and local law enforcement.